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The Quick and Dirty way to add a texture to your image

By Flash Bang Wallop, written 1464111647

This is a quick way to give your images a little bit more texture and make them more interesting.

You don't always have to cut things out

OK so this generally works better where you have shot on plain backgrounds (I think) so just in case you havn't got one with a plain BG then you can download my image to follow along.

You can use the image of Beth for practice purposes only. You may not publish it anywhere.  The texture image is yours to keep and use as you wish - no credit required and commercial use is OK

You'll need:-



and Photoshop


So we start with a nice enough portrait of Beth



Lets add that texture by opening it and dragging it on top of beth.jpg

This creates a new layer

Notice the layers panel on the right 



Change the blending mode of the texture layer to SOFT LIGHT



Still on the texture layer go to Image>Adjustment>Hue Saturation and check "COLORIZE" and move those sliders about



Add a layer mask to the texture layer and with a 50% black brush paint it off her face

Reduce the opacity a little on this layer - I chose 80%

Yes - some of it mottles her arms - I quite like it - if you don't then paint it off in the mask



Looks a bit naff....we need to blend it all together

Add a Gradient Map adjustment layer

If you don't have those gradients loaded that I have then click on the grey cog and scroll down to PHOTOGRAPHIC TONING and tick that.  I chose that blue/beige/cream gradient (about 4 rows down)

and CHANGE THE BLEND MODE of this new layer to SOFT LIGHT

You can reduce its opacity to taste


and thats about it.

Its quick and easy to do.  Sometimes it works....others it doesn't.  Im just showing you dont always have to do cutouts to add something extra to backgrounds...and again if you dont like the texture on her hair arms or clothes then....take it off in the mask