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How to link accounts

By Russ Freeman, written 1459848821

If you have more than one PurplePort account, you can link these accounts together. This saves time with logging in and out of your different accounts, enabling you to switch between these accounts with a few clicks of a button. You can link together more than two accounts if you have multiple accounts on PurplePort.

How to link accounts:

  • From your (currently logged-in) account, view the profile page of your other account that you would like to link to
  • On your other account, go to the grey cog (top right) and click Link to my account 
  • This will send an onsite notification to your other account inviting it to accept the link 
  • Log into your other account and accept the invite 

By logging in to one of your linked accounts, you will now be able to access any other linked accounts. 

How to access linked accounts:

  • Go to the purple cog (top right)
  • Click Linked accounts (under the heading Your stuff)
  • Click Switch to on the account you want to log into

How to unlink an account from your account:

  • View the account you wish to unlink from (whilst you are logged into your account)
  • Go to the grey cog (top right)
  • Click Unlink with your account (under the heading Extra Tools