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Get your prpl.pro link

By Jordan Quigg, written 1644599328

What is prpl.pro?

It's a simple tool that allows you to bring together all of your important links in one easily shareable web link.

It's purple with all of the vowels removed, of course :-)

It's free and is a part of being a PurplePort member.

Some websites and services only allow you to add one web page for your links and services. Prpl.pro allows you to gather all of your websites and services under one URL.

It also means you can share one web link on your business cards and social media, and whenever you update prpl.pro with adding a new link or removing an existing one, then anywhere you have used prpl.pro will update automatically.

Here's what it might look like: https://prpl.pro/russjfreeman

You can see some well-known icons across the top and then below some big buttons.

How to get the most out of prpl.pro

Log in to your PurplePort.com account, or join PurplePort now, and when logged in from the Purple cog choose Manage Account and then select the option to Edit your prpl.pro page.

Add all of your links to your page, and then publish everywhere.

As an added bonus using prpl.pro also enrols you into our referral system such that if someone signups through one of your links and uses our service you can get either $5 or a month of VIP as a thank you.