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Model's Notes ~ Advice

By Jerome Razoir, written 1577979067

Some models really struggle with writing their folio notes. A few, to the extent that they do not write any. What you do or do not have on your folio page is your decision alone. No one should tell you that you must include this that or the other. However, for many photographers, the notes are as important or even more important than the photographs.


This is a personal view, based on what I like to see in a folio. I hope that it is helpful.

Your user name

There are very good reasons why you should use a made up name, rather than your real one. To that end, you are better off choosing one that is obviously made up and which contains some elements of describing you and your modelling. Rather than using Jane Smith, when your real name is Jennifer Jones; consider Jane the fashion freak or Jane Hyperspace or Tattooed Jane. Or drop the Jane completely and just use Fashion Freak or Hyperspace model.


Unless you want to attract a certain type of photographer avoid names that give the wrong impression. Gobble-monkey-spunk-bucket may hint that you do all sorts of adult stuff and if you do not, then the resulting emails may be very unwelcome. If you do want to shoot adult stuff, then calling yourself Jane the adult model will be fine.

Tell us something about yourself

What do you want to get out of modelling? What experience do you have? What are your other interests? If you have dance experience, say so. Dancer and gymnast models are in great demand. Do you ride a motorbike or a horse? Do you own a motorbike or a horse? Or have access to them? Do you swim? There are many activities that will enhance your usefulness.

Do not be aggressive

It is entirely reasonable that you do not want to do particular types of modelling. That should be clear in your work-levels list. Putting in grumpy bits saying things like, “No one gets to see my foo-foo and if you try I will scratch your eyes out,” is both not needed and off-putting. Keep information of that kind quiet and gentle. If you assume that the photographers reading your notes are decent people, most of them will turn out to be. Those who are crass enough to try and push your limits are probably not going to be put off by you being aggressive in your notes. Some of the good guys will be put off.


Avoid selfies, although we all understand that for complete beginners that can be difficult. Try to include something that illustrates the work styles and levels you have listed. Of you list topless have at least one shot of you topless. The same if you list nude. Have a shot or two that show you nude. Neither nude or topless need to be images that embarrass you, indeed if you do not like the shots you have because you are nude or topless. Perhaps you should consider not shooting nude and or topless. Consider approaching some carefully selected photographers near you and ask for a TF/P shoot to build your portfolio. Avoid novices. The blind leading the blind tend to end up falling into the same hole together.


You do not need dozens and dozens of images in your folio. Half a dozen that really show you accurately and nicely will do much better than 124 shots that are all very similar and which do not show what you look like. Booking a model is like buying a tool. If I need a hammer, I have no interest in a screwdriver. So I need to know what you actually are in terms of body shape and size etc. No matter what size you are or what shape or colouring etc. There will always be more photographers rejecting you for a shoot than are approaching you for a booking. Because, metaphorically and actually the frock is made before the model is booked. In other words, if you do not fit the brief, you will not get the booking.

Be honest

Maximise your chances by being honest and truthful about your size and height etc. and your capabilities, tattoos, piercings, third leg and you will be booked because you are you. Not by mistake because you gave the impression you are different from who you actually are.


I do hope this helps. Any comments, critical or otherwise are welcome via my folio.


Enjoy being here,