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Why You Didn't Book the Job

By Aaron Marcus, written 1547314095

You get excited because you are contacted about auditioning for a TV show, feature film or a go-see. And, you should be excited.

It is hard to get auditions. Actually, getting the audition is winning.

And now you are thinking about how you can book the job. 

You should be excited about getting the film/TV audition or a modeling go-see

I have interviewed a number of casting directors for my monthly online workshops (See the Interviews,) and they have told me that depending on the project and role, there can be as many as 500-2,000 head shot submissions for every role they are casting.

And, typically, the casting director might bring in 30 people to read for the part. So, although you have not booked the job, 
you have accomplished more than most people.

Now that the excitement has slightly faded, you need to get to work. It is time to research the project, by watching the TV show and being 
extremely familiar with the characters, style, type and pacing of the show.

If it is a feature film, then all actors need to visit IMDB.com and research the director to see what is the director's style. 
This will help you with your audition.

You have carefully:

  • study the sides
  • understand and know how to pronounce all of the words
  • know who is the scene about
  • figure out if there are any changes with your character and if so, where they take place
  • get incredibly comfortable with the dialogue
  • Create a life for your character prior to the scene starting and right after it ends

If you can memorize the lines, then that is helpful, but if not, at least make sure that your words are sounding

And, you will want to bring the sides with you during the read. That way if you forget a word
you can causally look over at the sides and keep your audition going smoothly.

Now, you are ready to audition. 

You think the audition went really well and are happy with your read.

Just remember that you have complete control over the audition,
but no control over who gets cast.

So, just because your audition was great, that can have little to do with booking
the job. Many of the actors auditioning will give a great audition.

But there are many other factors that go into getting the job. These are the things that actors have no control over.

If you are auditioning for a TV show then actors will get booked pretty quickly.
If it is a feature film, it can take much longer.

I recently auditioned for TV show. The call backs were happening two days after the audition.
I did not hear from my agent about getting a call back.

I waited one day after call backs were held and asked my agent if they postponed the call backs or if they took place.

I also told the agent that even if I did not get a call back, I was really happy about having
my audition seen by the casting director.

I had booked an episode of the TV show The West Wing
through her, so it was great to be seen by her again.

I was told that they did have call backs and I was not invited back to read for the director.

Not booking the TV or Film  job can be frustrating.

You were so happy about getting the chance to audition for a new TV show,
worked really hard at preparing for the audition, spent hours getting to the 
audition, felt great about the audition and then bam... you find out that what
you did during the audition did not work for the casting director or director.

Our emotions are all over the place. You go from an incredible high to a low
very quickly.

It is easy to start having self-doubts about your ability. You can begin to lose faith
in what you think is good. It is easy to question how can you keep doing this over and 
over again without getting the results you ultimately want. 

This is the life of an actor. 

However, there is a little silver lining to this story. It is quite a coincidence that these
two things happened to me with the same casting director.

Many years ago I auditioned for  a really good feature film. I got a call to attend
a call back and read for the director. One day before the call back, my agent 
contacted me to say that they cut that character out of the film so there was no call back.

I felt bad about not getting the opportunity to read for the director, but at least it felt
good that they still liked my read enough to want me to be seen by the director.

Just a few days ago, a very similar thing happened with the same casting director.
Did the audition, but I learned that I did not get a call back because they changed
the age range for this character. I currently don't look like I am in my early 30's.

Although it was disappointing that I did not get a chance to read for the director,
at least I knew it was not because of my audition.

So, the next time you don't get the booking or a call back, just remember, it might have
absolutely nothing to do with your acting skills.

Maybe they cut the role out or changed the age or ethnicity of the character.

Perhaps you were to attractive, not attractive enough, to tall, not tall enough 
or one thousands other reasons why a decision was made not to cast you.

Always remember, not getting the job is not a personal decision, just business.

Join me and others on my facebook.com/howtomodel page and let others know
why you did not get a booking.

This type of information is so helpful to other actors,
and keeps us from moving forward in this business.

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