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Avatar images on PurplePort should be Suitable for Work

By Russ Freeman, written 1544012937

When we started PurplePort we didn't mind what avatar image you chose as long as it was an image that was appropriate for your account (e.g. if a photographer then you must have taken/made it).

Eventually we decided that adult style images should not be used as avatars because often people would not enable the adult filter.

We have now decided that avatar images should only ever be suitable for work. This is simply so that when a visitor views PurplePort without toggling the filters they will see images instead of "image filter enabled" placeholder image. This is something our competitors already do so we are really just falling in line with them.

What can you do about it?

Change your avatar to an image that is suitable for work

View the image you want to use as your avatar and select "Use as avatar" from the grey cog near top right.

Change your avatar to be suitable for work

If you think your avatar image is suitable for work, after reviewing our guidelines, then you can change it to be suitable for work by editing the image and selecting the appropriate option.