Stats and sizes

  • 25yr old female model
  • Stats: 34A-23-34
  • Dress size 8
  • 5'5" tall
  • 6st 5lbs
  • Shoes size 5
  • Brown eyes
  • Medium dark brown hair
  • Pale white skin

Shoots styles

Beauty, Commercial, Fashion, Fitness, Lifestyle, Promotional and Wedding


Lix H

Model / London NW3, UK. (Map)

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Photographer account is lixhewett

I'm a 24-year-old freelance creative - photographer, graphic designer, blogger and model. I started modeling for myself (making other people click the camera button before I had a tripod; still don't have a remote!) years ago as a way of a) bumping my self-confidence and b) acting. I love acting, but I speak at neck-breaking speed and I didn't have many opportunities in my tiny little town anyway. But when I joined Etsy and started a blog? Had lots of reasons to model.

I moved to London in April 2014 and since then I've been modeling professionally here and there, and it's a blast. Not as much of a blast as being behind the camera — actually, it has been a time or two; it depends on the shoot and the photographer. See the photo of me lying on the grass? I was that happy — but often a better-paying blast, which works plenty well for me.*

I only model for pay. Not negotiable! If you want to contact me offering a TFP shoot like I should be grateful for your kindness, don't. I do this to have an additional source of income because I'm really broke. I enjoy it and all, but if I want to work tfp, I'll instigate those shoots, and the truth is right now I have neither money or time to indulge in much. If I want to do portfolio-building, I'll go for self-portraits, which help build my portfolio *twice*.

I never do shoots for less than £50, or less than £100 if the time involved is over 3 hours including travel (but I won't charge modeling rates for the time spent traveling, obviously). My rates fluctuate between £20-35 depending on budget, photographer's, location, etc. I'll ask for images back if you go for the lower end of my rates.

More info:

I'm happy to bring my own clothes and do my own makeup, though my stash is limited on both accounts what with the not-having-settled-yet bit;

I don't do nudity of any kind, and this is not negotiable, so if your portfolio is all nudes and you want to contact me, either specify what kind of work you want me to do that does not involve nudity of any kind or don't contact me at all;

I'm available to travel anywhere provided travel expenses are paid;

and I'm fairly active on social media for my own blog and business so you'll get a bit of a boost out of working with me, particularly if you're a clothing/accessory/jewelry designer. In fact I offer packages to sellers where I double- triple as photog, model and graphic/web designer, if you're interested in that!