Latest News          :  Rebranding and Reinvention - Complete
                                  I now have my own studio. LittleBIG Studio (FB)   LBS (PP)   Album (Photos inc Floor Plan)
                                  21 Market St. Hemsworth, Yorks WF9 4JY.    Tel: 0777 3376069 / 01977 277740
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    Model Days           July 20th - Chloe Kerosene (Alt Model) ::[

Studio Opening Times:
Mon - Sat : 10am to 4pm (Last Public Walk-In Session)  -Then-  Till Midnight (Bookings Only)
Sun :          Bookings Only

Studio Rental Prices:
Mon - Sat: £7.50hr till 6pm.  Unsociable Hours Till Midnight inc Sunday : £15hr
Mentoring: £10hr  //  1-2-1 Tuition: £12hr
Model Days / Themed Events / Group Shoots Priced separately.
See Open Ended Casting Call for Models: (Here)

2ft Hard Tri-Infinity Curve.  12ft Wide, 8ft Deep, 11ft Long, 8ft High. (White)
Plus various small sets, projector, 250w and 300w heads with various modifiers and gels.
Props: Katana, Guns, Chains, Hats, Posing Stools, Grass Floor, Roman Podium, and more...
Editing: A fully equipped PC with output to an 6ft high screen is available.
Extras: A multi-point ceiling support system for shower curtains, drapes, backgrounds etc

We run a local model, photographer, and mua register and actively help them setup
profiles here on PP and on our local machine.  This enables us to find them paid work.
We also offer art-working services and same day printing from 6"x4" to Full human size
photo prints.  We also do canvases up to 30"x20" and various other merchandise your
images can adorn.

Camera, Wifi Card, and Lens/Filter Rental (Nikon DX) also available- ask in studio.

A0 Poster While you Wait ? - Not a problem, take a seat in reception.
(Mornings Only for now / Full Day Availability September onwards)

We are the ONLY Studio/Printshop offering LIFE SIZE Photo Prints :)
We're also the only people licensed to print my images.  Check us out:

Want to use the Studio for FREE ?? - No Problem, we have a reward scheme running for
introducing new clients, or just simply being a loyal regular :)
(Message for details)

So Why £7.50 ?
We think that's the sugar-coated sweet spot, it's fair, and affordable.  We're not out
to rape anyone's bank accounts.  Never understood why some want £95 for an A4 print
or £25-£38hr for a studio...  It's crazy money !  Having a lower studio cost means we can
do better value packages and model days than most other studios in the area.


Me as a Photographer

Model Safety Is Important, If the many references below don't well you up with trust, perhaps i'm not
the photographer for you. 

I've been shooting since 2007 and have covered most of the photographic disciplines you could ever
shake a stick at; technically proficient in both studio and on location. 

I'm Published and Living the dream too, I have the house paid off, a sports coupe' with uplift doors in
the garage, a busty gal on my arm, and a hot-tub in the yard. 
I'm a bit of an avid gamer liking
Pacman & Space Invaders to Soul Calibur & Tekken...
some racing games and Guitar Hero. 
I'm also heavily into all things Japanese, from Cosplay,
to Anime and even learning the language. 
Bit of a sci-fi nut as well, attending conventions
is a particular passion.  I don't smoke, drink much,
or do drugs, just a clean living lad with a camera :)

I was the design/layout guy on "The Anonymous Nude" (Book - ISBN 978 -1-45 -797799-2) web
I am currently writing a training manual for use in the studio and general publishing.
My printed portfolio is in the form of a 100 page A3 Book, this is available to view at the studio.

I only do commercial shoots when the recipient of the images is paying me directly for the
commercial use of said images.  I do not do shoots for the use of Suicide Girls, or willing/unwittingly
hand over copyrights.  If you wish to use my images on a pay site (CandyCrib etc) I will send you
an invoice for a rights managed licence allowing commercial use of named images.

I am pretty much a mirror-tog, by which I mean, if you charge, and expect TF from me, you're in for
a long wait... I think that's just taking the piss frankly.  If we each want to work with each other, then
yes, TF is fine.  If you charge, and want me to shoot you... I will charge too, hey, it's my job just like
it is yours.  If you are into TF because it's a hobby, then I may TF with selected models when time allows. 
When I wanted TF, few were willing to help, none on PP, this makes me disinclined to TF much myself.
What comes around, goes around I guess, so don't be offended if I say thanks, but no thanks.

My standard rate is £25ph inc studio rental; I would expect payment upfront via
paypal.  I can be flexible on the rate depending on the model asking and what the purpose is.

Long story short, the studio rent, insurance, and electricity don't pay for themselves.  When thin air
becomes a valid form of currency, then we can talk about carefree no cost shoots :)

So... young enough to enjoy life, old enough to remember when the road to the library was
the Information Superhighway.  Life pre-internet, it's like pretending tarmac was
never invented lol.

   • Image Delivery Method: Dropbox, Disc, or USB Key.
   • Release form in effect: Yes, before the shoot.
   • Image Release: Contact sheets for selection & fully finished and edited images only.
   • Make Up Artists, Hair Stylists & Assistants: Present on request & based on your budget.

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