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Hotel de Vie Saturday 23rd MARCH - Amazing Private Boutique hotel shooting event.


Lucy Lu

By Lucy Lu, 1358288884

                                               This event is NOW FULL

Both Friday and Saturday are now fully booked; Please feel free to express interest if you wish to be put down as reserve, last time we had two photographer have to pull out due to injury and operation, so it's not unheard, and if this is the case please PM me a contact number so you can be contacted easily if this occurs. If you have missed out this time but are interested to be notified when the next event runs leaves a comment so i know to drop you an email when info of next event gets posted!


Time: 1pm til 11pm
Dates: Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd March 2013 
Venue: Hotel De Vie - Farnham 

Due to the success and popularity of the last two Hotel de Vie Event's, we are running a third one!

This will be another small, relaxed, professional, and quality event, giving photographers the opportunity to work with 7 professional models, in 7 great unique locations around the hotel. Shooting is on a one-to-one basis, to ensure photographers get quality time with each model in each of the 7 locations.

For full details please read; http://www.hoteldevie.com/photoshoots/index.html - this also provides links direct to each models profile to save you looking for each model if you are not aware who everyone is!

How the day will run;

• Arrival; 13.00 - meet and greet, relax and set-up (45mins)
• Shooting slots: 1 and 2 (for example 1.45 til 2.45 – ten min changeover – 2.55 til 3.55)
• 20 min Break:
• Shooting Slots 3 and 4
• 1hr Break for Dinner
• Shooting Slots: 5,6 and 7.

Saturday Models

1. Cassie Jade
2. Artemis Fauna
3. Fawnya Frolic
4. Kayleigh Lush
5. Lucy Lu
6. Jemma Funge
7. Lana Parker


Confirmed Photographers

1. Rob Hill

2. Zaki (Colin)

3. John Moors

4. Tony Meakin 

5. Rick Martin

6. Tarmoo

7. Gavin Whitelaw 

Photographers interested; 

blacklion246 - now booked on fri

Chris Demott- now booked on fri


Once a photographer is offered a place, a £50 non-refundable deposit is payable on booking, via credit or debit card direct to the hotel. Photographer cancellations less than 4 weeks before the shoot, incur the full charge payable (via the card used to make the deposit).


The cost will be £250 per a photographer for the day, i.e £250 for the thursday or £250 for the Friday.
- covering cost of exclusive location + 7 professional models.

Optional overnight accommodation can be added for photographers @ £30 :

Saturday - 5 spaces available (11am checkout).


PHOTOS from the last events can be viewed on the studio page below and the thread link below;

BEFORE ASKING ANY QUESTIONS, PELASE READ; http://www.hoteldevie.com/photoshoots/index.html

This will answer 99% of questions



Edited by Lucy Lu

intensepuppy said, 1358292689

I'm interested in shooting there again on the Saturday.

Lucy Lu said, 1358364600

ok have added ur interest to list both will collate it all there for now to keep track of it!nice to see you want to come back :)

robhillphoto said, 1358365801

I'd like to come back - interested in the Saturday for preference, but Friday also possible. I won't be needing to stay overnight as I'm local. Thanks

Edited by robhillphoto (robhillphoto.com)

Lucy Lu said, 1358367764

Ok rob will list your interest as both, preference Saturday :)

Rick Martin said, 1358370434

Please add my name for the Saturday.

intensepuppy said, 1358373380

Thanks. :)

BTW - I don't need to stay over either as I'm localish in Brighton.

Lucy Lu said, 1358449322

Rick Martin said

Please add my name for the Saturday.

done :)


intensepuppy said

Thanks. :)

BTW - I don't need to stay over either as I'm localish in Brighton.

noted :)

JBM Photography said, 1358455587

Lucy, please add my interest for Saturday. Thanks


Terry King said, 1358460708

Another cracking line up of models, nice work Lucy. Thoroughly recommend it to everyone :)

Lucy Lu said, 1358503446

JBM Photography said

Lucy, please add my interest for Saturday. Thanks


Of course John :)

Lucy Lu said, 1358721544

Terry King said

Another cracking line up of models, nice work Lucy. Thoroughly recommend it to everyone :)

Thanks Terry :)

Lucy Lu said, 1359061956

First few slots have been offered!

Paul.Smith said, 1359125953

I can heartily recommend this to anyone considering it. Had a great time at the December event.

Lucy Lu said, 1359400483

I believe 5 photographer slots for Saturday have now been offered, so if these are taken once deposits are paid this will leave just two places for Saturdays shoot to register interest for!

Gavinski said, 1359496479


Hi Lucy, I would be interested in this event as well please.  I know this is the thread for the Saturday, but I could also make the Friday – I have no particular preference for either, so long as I could also take the overnight accommodation offer though. Thanks.


Lucy Lu said, 1359673450

Ok Gavin, have added u as interested in the Friday thread, will get back to you asap :)

Lucy Lu said, 1359707759

3 slots for Saturdays Hotel de vie have been confirmed, still gathering interest and other slots will be released soon!

xxmrmthxx - Melissa Tongue said, 1360017523

Id be interested in modelling at one of these events in the future

Lucy Lu said, 1360098909

Ok thanks melissa will make note of it :)


Lucy Lu said, 1360098978

The 5 offered slots have been confirmed so only TWO SLOTS remain for SATURDAY, these will be released and offered soon! so if interested let us known! 


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