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By Sarah75, 1327770745

I cant seem to access the adult filter... I enter onto the Image filter link and the 18+ ones are on continually, which is good..but as soon as I move the cursor to click 'adult images' the whole thing disappears.

Is this a general fault or my naff laptop

Simon Pole said, 1327770999

Never had a problem with it, PC with mouse.

Russ Freeman said, 1327771278

Sarah, what web browser and version are you using?

Sarah75 said, 1327773765

Windows 7.    Its been fine all week, but the last two days, I cant seem change it.  (Is it correct I have to reselect them everytime I log on anyway, or can you set up a preference, that you want to see adult and 18+ everytime?

Sarah75 said, 1327787384

I cant even view half of my own images!

Russ Freeman said, 1327794808

Windows 7 is your operating system. I'd need to know which web browser you are using.

I've tried it on all of the major browsers; firefox, IE (down to 7), chrome, opera, safari...all work.

No, you shouldn't need to select it each time you log in. It uses cookies to store your choices. If your choices are not being stored then chances are you have something stopping cookies being saved. Maybe some advert blocker, popup blocker or some so called security product installed.

Simon Pole said, 1327806938

I have had to reset 18+ level every time I login since Saturday evening, no browser or setting change. FF 9.0.1

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Russ Freeman said, 1327829500

@Simon - Sounds like something has gone wrong with the cookies on your browser. I also use FF for testing and it correctly remembers the settings.

To be clear - the web site doesn't do anything special based on browser so if, for example, the state of the Image Filter is not remembered (but it is for other people) then it will be a fault with the browser.

Perhaps clear the browser cache or manually deleting cookies may solve it if the browser has gotten confused.

Simon Pole said, 1327868241

Thanks Russ, it seems to have been a cookie problem, deleted PP cookies and re-loged in, seems to have sorted it.

Andy... said, 1327868519

CTRL + F5 can also clear the cache for individual pages.  But yes, it's healthy to clear out any browsers cache every so oft, speeds it up no end as well as it gets bogged down in webdata, sometimes even to a crawl.

Sarah75 said, 1328460246

This is still continuing for me..... I cant see my 18+ or adult images, despite disabling cookies... and now im finding that as soon as I log on... i look at one page and then it tells me to log on again..  irritated isnt the word grrrrr

Simon Pole said, 1328460512

I would think that the site would need to set cookies, so having them disabled would mean it wont function correctly or remember that you are logged in.

Russ Freeman said, 1328460597

If you disable cookies then it won't work at all as it uses cookies. You probably need to clear all cookies for PP as maybe your browser has broken one.

It could be some browser addin or so-called security product that is stopping it. I test in ALL major web browsers with various configurations without problem.

I wish I could offer a solution but since it works everywhere I have tested it and since it appears not to be a wide spread problem it would seem it's specific to your computer, browser or setup.

Andy... said, 1328461735

Sarah, mine reset this morning as well, I presume its because the filter was rolled out globally.  It's now called CONTENT FILTER - top of the page.  Enable cookies, click it, select your preferences.  For me it worked in seconds - jobs a good un :o)

Sarah75 said, 1328465054

I can see that its gone to content filter... and now has 'show profanities'  I click on the link.. yet when i go to tick the boxes the link closes.  Hence not being able to see my images..

Andy... said, 1328465496

Could be your java/javascript.  is it enabled ?  Try running your browser in SAFE MODE, does it work then ?  Might just nead a good clearout of the browser, reset everything back to default or something.

Sarah75 said, 1328465817

Done it.... and its worked... Thanks Andy x


Andy... said, 1328466043

Excellent, ya welcome :o)